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Real quick! Here's what critics and movie goers are saying about Barbie: The Movie.

It's a "clever, colorful, comedy with sophisticated themes, script." Based on those thoughts alone, we can find some fun pieces for your movie night out.

Now, here's a different thought: "The Kens have a lot of brewskis (beers), as well as red cups, a party scene shows the primary Ken holding what looks like a wine glass. He also mentions being day drunk at one point." Ok, so. No kids allowed for this movie.

Enough about that!

You have what you need, and we have it ready for you.

Important: Scroll to bottom to shop similar looks!

Look 1: Sophisticated fashion.


Look 2: Add a little Color & Comfort to your movie night!


Look 3: Clever style. Big bag. Running shoes.



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